Solar Powered Pool Pumps 


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  • 20+ year life expectancy

  • No batteries, timers, or controllers to fail

  • Immune to power failures

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  Your pool pump is one of the largest electrical loads in your home.  This cost-effective system replaces your power-hungry pool pump with a durable solar-electric array and a specially built high-efficiency solar pump.
  The Sun Centric system pumps the most during the sunniest days, when your pool is used the most. The system is very simple, as illustrated below.

  The Sun Centric solar pump has been used in agricultural and pool applications since 1989 with consistent success.  It is built to industrial standards.  It has a 20-year life expectancy and is nearly silent.  The solar-electric (photovoltaic) panels we use are so reliable, they typically have a manufacturer's warranty of 20 years, and an even longer life expectancy.


Questions and Answers

How long will the Sun Centric solar pool pump take to pay for itself? 

  A typical residential pool (20,000 gallons) costs about $80 per month to pump (with a 1 .5 HP pump and utility rate of $.25 per kWh typical for Southern California). At that rate, the payback period is only 3.5 YEARS. Your utility rate may vary, but your cost may be reduced by solar energy subsidies. Ask your dealer for advice.

Will it work in cloudy weather? 

  YES! In cloudy weather the pump runs slower, but water is still sufficiently circulated. Your pool is USED LESS in cloudy weather, so less filtration is required. Filters actually work BETTER at low flow rates.

Does this system provide adequate filtration?

  YES, for normal residential pools. Most home pool owners find that one full circulation every 2 to 3 days is sufficient to keep the water clean and clear. Our system packages are designed to work in this range. If your pool is used very intensively or if you live in a cloudy climate, you can use the next larger system than the one indicated on the chart.

Is this system compatible with my existing pool equipment?

  YES. The solar pump is compatible with all other parts of your system. If there is room for two pumps, you can keep your old pump in place. It can be used as a backup or supplement, but it isn't necessary for most pools.

Can it be used in conjunction with solar pool heating? 

  ABSOLUTELY! It's perfect because water needs to be pumped through the solar collectors when (and only when) the sun is shining. If your system uses a single pump for both filtration and solar heat circulation, you may need a larger Sun Centric system than usual for your pool size. Some solar pool heaters use a second pump. The Sun Centric is perfect for that too. It eliminates the usual need for controls because it is naturally sun-synchronous!

We are planning to install a pool. Should we install a solar pump from the start?

  YES! Your cost will be lower if it is part of your original installation.


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